Wind Speed analysis of Dublin City University Campus

DCU is interested in utilising renewable energy sources to supplement the power to the university campus. Before this plan can be implemented, a case study for the potential of wind and solar energy must be carried out to establish the feasibility of the project. The Energy Lab is currently collaborating with DCU Estates to monitor wind speed and solar irradiation on campus.

sensor locations

This process will involve setting up a wireless sensor network around the campus which will capture the relevant data in real time. This project is currently undergoing deployment and should be fully operational just in time for the winter season.

Several anemometers are being installed throughout the DCU campus.This will allow acquisition of detailed data to establish the prevailing wind conditions and the viability of a wind turbine. The performance of a wind turbine can be predicted by establishing wind speeds and turbulence information for each prospective site in DCU.

small weather station

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Early Stage Analysis)

Sean Marlow is working with fellow engineer, Sťamus Monaghan to develop an innovative VAWT which seeks to address the performance issues of current generation VAWT's.

prototype vertical axis wind turbine in operation

The prototype turbine uses optimally shaped blades which are actively controlled in real time to maintain maximum lift through each rotation. Many existing models lose efficiency as some of their blades move against the airflow.

vawt tail fin and internals

The latest version of the design can be seen in the video below: