Solar Analysis Model & Online Application

In last decade there has been a global struggle between the supporters of fossil energy and those of sustainable energy, and which one will have the upper hand in the global energy market. This struggle depends on many factors; the supply’s cost of energy to the consumers being one of the most important factors. This research will give a total view of how much the cost of solar energy will be from now for the next decades in any place in the world.

An html JavaScript program (which can be accessed from the image below) has been designed to give an accurate output to the cost of energy for nine cities around the world. The program has four options which enable the user to specify the daily power consumption, the percentage average the system to be covered, whether battery storage is used and if using a 2-Axis tracking tilt. It then calculates how much cost of energy will be when the user borrows money from the bank.

Expand the database to include more cities and add more options to cover the whole technical and financial methods to give a total image to the user. Compare the results in the program with other results calculated in the other program.

An early version of the application implementing this algorithm can be seen below:

link to solar model