Local Power-Network Simulation Tool (LPNSim)

The LPNSim is a discrete-event simulator (DES) for modelling instantaneous power-line conditions within a local distribution network, when multiple dynamic appliances are powered from a single distribution point (e.g. as in a residential or small business premises setting). The primary function of the simulator is to model the random changes in the appliances' mean-power usage according to two different time scales (i) at the resolution of minutes/hours, following the anticipated normal operating power cycles of the appliances, for example, washing machine programme cycles, intermittent fridge motor operation, thermostatically controlled heating, etc. and (ii) at the resolution of hours and days or longer, following daily/weekly/seasonal human appliance usage patterns.

power network simulation tool (LPN Sim)

n extension to this simulator will be to provide a method for accurately estimating the aggregate harmonic content of the instantaneous power usage of the whole network over time, as would be measured from the distribution point. The main intended use of the simulation tool is to provide a highly-configurable platform for testing algorithms that attempt to infer individual appliance power conditions from a single network-wide measurement, where the network of appliances can be configured to reflect a multitude of different premises and usage scenarios.

Renewable Energy Game

An early stage prototype is being developed to provide an educational tool for students who want to learn about renewable energy.

The game will be based on real world performance parameters with a goal based approach to keep the player interested.