Remote Monitoring

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Remote Monitoring & Control of "Renewable Energy" Installations

Renewable energy sources are inherently intermittent and when they power important equipment such as telecom's towers, monitoring their real-time and long term performance becomes critical.

These installations are often located in difficult to access and environmentally harsh locations so it is also important to model how they will perform in these regions. This process will facilitate more realistic cost projections with respect to operational costs and component lifetime.

Traditional sources of energy for these types of sites are AC generators which are required to run 24/7. This mode of operation results in high running costs in terms of fuel and maintenance. The alternative is to operate a hybrid system which only runs for half the time thus reducing these costs.

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  • Establish efficient methods of acquiring, transmitting and storing logged operational information
  • Simulate end to end system to predict optimal operational settings and costs
  • Compare physical systems with constructed models using the same [wind] data to verify the integrity of the simulated data