DCU Open Day 2012

As part of the open day the Energy Lab built a lego town that demonstrates engineering principles learned throughout the undergraduate degree. The lego town was power by a solar panel and had various types of engineering loads.


Principles demonstrated include:

  • Solar charged battery with charge controller
  • Relay switched lights for Power Station with 555 timer
  • Variable resistor to control speed of wind turbines
  • Sound activated switching lights using an arduino
  • Relay switched Scalelectric track powered by solar
  • DC to DC convertor to convert grid from 12V to 15V
  • Fuses for protection of circuits

CIICT Conference 2012

The Energy Lab attended the CIICT Symposium on ICT and Energy Efficiency. The symposium address several topics relevant to the Energy Lab; the convergence of smart grid and the internet of things, energy efficient wired and wireless ICT and network security and energy efficiency. Three posters were presented at the conference by the Energy Lab and these can be found on the publications & posters page.

Cawfee Morning

That time of the year again. Energy Lab coffee morning fun :) in celebration of May day!

New Energy Lab Member!

We are delighted to welcome a new member, Will to the lab. He will be working on the development of condition monitoring of marine devices using acoustic sensors. Will's PhD is in collaberation with the Marine Institute and IRCSET.

RINCE Research Day 2012

This year the Energy Lab presented at the RINCE Research Day for the first time. Paula, Shane and Jie all prepared presentations with the central theme being the Energy Lab and the Smart Grid.

DCU Wind Monitoring System Deployed

Five anemometers and a solar radiation sensor have been deployed around DCU campus to give us information about wind speeds and directions. The data collected from the sensors will be used in a number of projects in the Energy Lab:

  • They will provide a multitude of simultaneous real-time streams of data for the Data Management System project.
  • It will also be converted to represent wind power and act as one of the inputs for a hybrid energy system model for the Remote Monitoring Systems project.

More information on this project is available on the Wind Monitoring page.

Library Anemometer


DCU Open Day November 2011

This year the Energy Lab built a Smart Lego Town for the open day. The town incorporated many of ths skills learned throughout DCU's Electronic Engineering undergraduate course.

DCU Open Day Smart Lego Town Image


The town was powered from a solar panel. It had several houses with simple LED circuits, and a scalextric track as electrical loads. These were then monitored using current sensors and an arduino board. More pictures from the day can be seen on Flickr.

DCU Open Day Lego Houses with Lights

RINCE Coffee Morning

The Energy Lab, along with the A-Life Lab hosted a successful Hallowe'en themed RINCE coffee morning this week. Check out Jie's pumpkin carving skills!

Pumpkin for Coffee Morning

Intel European Research & Innovation Conference

A number of the Energy Lab members were invited to attend the Intel European Research & Innovation Conference (ERIC). Jie presented a poster at this conference.

PhD Opportunity - Closing date January 2012

The Industry-led International SmartOcean Graduate Enterprise Initiative (ISGEI) is designed to strengthen and build on Ireland's emerging specialist capacity in the area of Marine Information and Communications Technology (Marine ICT). This initiative will act as a key vehicle for the implementation of Ireland's National Strategy for Marine Research 'Sea Change'. A number of PhDs are being offered as part of this initiative, inlcuding one based in the Energy Lab. Check out the following link for more information.

Collaboration with Network Processing Group (NPG)

The NPG are working towards measuring the power consumption of a network card and it's relationship to the level of traffic on the card. The Energy Lab has assisted the NPG in setting up a measurement and data acquisition system to enable them to efficiently characterise the relationship between the two parameters.

New Energy Lab Member!

We are delighted to welcome a new member Asmaa to the lab. She will be working on the development of Nanomaterial's which will enable the efficient thermo-chemical dissociation of H2O and CO2 for solar-thermal fuel production.

Recent Successful Funding Applications

We are happy to announce that we have been successfull in securing funding for two India-Ireland joint research mobility funding projects. The titles of these projects are:

1. Development of novel materials,device structures and fabrication methods for thin film solar cells and TCOs including organic photovoltaics. PI Satheesh Krishnamurthy, D. Brabazon and S. Daniels in collaboration with Prof Vijay Prakash IIT Delhi,(2011-2013).

2. Smart Nanomaterials for Microbial fuel cells, PI Satheesh Krishnamurthy, E. Marsili in collaboration with Prof T. S. chandraIIT Madras (2011-2013).

PhD Opportunity - Closing date August 2011

A 3 Year PhD position is now being advertised. The position is a Cleantech Innovation Scholarship in the School of Communications, Dublin City University. Check out this link or our Jobs & Opportunities page for more information.

Waspmote and Arduino projects

The lab just received a delivery of Arduino and Waspmote equipment. This equipment will be used to implement a Zigbee based wireless network with nodes that will measure different environmental parameters around DCU, namely wind speed, direction, temperature and solar intensity.

Recent Talks & Presentations

The EDL was invited to a number of different talks throughout the country. The slides from these talks can be found in the Resources section.

Faculty Research Day DCU 2011

The Energy Lab will attend the Faculty of Engineering Research Day in DCU. This event is organised to give postgraduates an opportunity to present their work, get constructive feedback and for all Faculty members become aware of research work within the Faculty. Each projects' poster can be seen online on the individual project pages.

REGI at DCU Teaching and Learning Day 2011

Our Educational Renewable Energy Computer Game/Simulator to be showcased at this year's DCU teaching and Learning day on 11th May 2011. This process will demonstrate the development of the game to date and the future plans for deployment.

RINCE and EDL Recent Affliation

We are delighted to announce the recent affiliation of the DCU Energy and Design lab with the Rince Institute.

The Rince Institute is a national centre for excellence focussed on innovations in targeted engineering technologies.

INTEL Enterprise Partnership

The Energy & Design Lab has just commenced an Enterprise Partnership with INTEL. The Enterprise Partnership Scheme is an innovative initiative through which IRCSET links with private enterprise and facilitates the establishment of new relationships and the strengthening of existing relationships between industry and academia.

Ireland hosts one of the largest Intel manufacturing site outside of the United States. It’s also a hub for some of the most exciting technology and manufacturing research currently taking place in Europe.

They are currently interested in monitoring efficiency and operational status of large scale equipment.

Cinergy Ireland Enterprise Partnership

The Energy & Design Lab has just commenced an Enterprise Partnership with Cinergy. The Enterprise Partnership Scheme is an innovative initiative through which IRCSET links with private enterprise and facilitates the establishment of new relationships and the strengthening of existing relationships between industry and academia.

Cinergy are an innovative startup company based in Carlow. They have developed a new type of wind tower which integrates a telecommunications antennae with a wind turbine.

Cinergy is working with DCU to integrate a monitoring solution which will implement the following features:

  • Equipment & Environmental monitoring
  • Alarm Information & Notifications
  • Economic Forecasting & ROI
  • Long Term Data Modelling
  • Energy Supply Pattern Visualization
  • Site Prospecting & Feasibility

It is the aim of the DCU Energy lab to provide added value to Cinergy’s existing products by addressing these requirements.

Renewable Energy Game

The lab has recently secured funding to develop a web based game based around renewable energy. The game is being designed as an educational tool to increase awareness of renewable energy and sustainability.

The game is being developed as a simulation game and will use real life data. It will eventually be used to teach students the inner workings of the different types of renewable energy production. The project is being funded by the Learning Innovation Unit (LIU) in DCU, and will facilitate a working prototype of the game to be developed.