Efficiencies of Hydrogen Production by a PEM Electrolyser

Hydrogen production using fuel cell technology, provides an alternative method of storing excess power generated by intermittent energy sources. Energy analysis is valuable to identify key loses that occur and how to optimise PEM performance in hydrogen production.

separate hydrogen electrolyser and pem cell

This project involved the design, construction and analysis of a hydrogen source and fuel cell by electrolysis of water using proton exchange membrane technology.

The focus of the investigation was of the efficiencies of hydrogen production by a (Proton Exchange Membrane) PEM electrolyser and fuel cell, mainly the effect of temperature of these systems. It was found that a change in temperature has a significant effect on the operation of the electrolyser and its efficiency.

Construction of a Hydrogen Car

Alternative means of propulsion for vehicles is being researched around the world. Different technologies are being examined from batteries, solar, capacitors, bio-fuel, compressed air, methane gas, ethanol to hydrogen.

A small hydrogen car prototype is being developed to help current and prospective students learn about the technology and the processes required for it to operate successfully.