Large Scale Energy Monitoring & Analysis

PhD Title:

Energy Monitoring and Management System Design and Development

Energy Optimization is a crucial research area and plays a significant role for the future, mainly due to current global energy resources. Data is the key process which is the basis of many applications and services, such as visualization and analysis. All of these are used to achieve one aim that helps to reduce energy consumption.

Intel Ireland is sponsoring this project. Real data acquired from pumps is provided by Intel and a software application will assist in monitoring pumps in order to maximize their efficiency. Additionally, Intel is providing software and hardware support for this studies.

A Large amount of pump data is being obtained from Intel. Additionally, an IT architecture is under construction which will provide a general and integrated platform for data storage and analysis. Furthermore, two software applications are almost finished. One is a demo for sizable amount of data backup and recovery; the other one is used for interaction chart generation. Finally, relevant mathematical methods for data analysis are being studied, for example principal component analysis (PCA) and Chemometrics. PCA is a procedure to convert a set of observations into a small group of variables which will reduce storage size of data and time for data analysis. Chemometrics is used to design optimal measurement procedures for data process.