Solar and Wind Monitoring

A wind monitoring system has been deployed around specific locations around DCU. This system has been deployed for several reasons:

  • To provide a multitude of simultaneous real-time streams of data for the Data Management System project
  • To allow DCU estates to make a more informed commercial decision as to the commercial viability of a wind turbine deployment.
  • To investigate the viability of using solar thermal to supplement the heating requirements of the swimming pool and sports center.
  • To be converted to represent 'virtual' wind power and act as one of the inputs for a hybrid energy system model for the Remote Monitoring Systems project.
  • To assist the Mechanical Department in profiling a low cost wind turbine aimed at developing countries.
  • To provide a platform for students to simulate the flow of wind through complex urban terrain which is quite complex to model without several sources of data.

Anemometer Locations


The most likely location for a wind turbine deployment is on the south side of the Library. This part of the campus is heavily exposed to the prevailing wind from the south west. We know that the average wind speed from Dublin Airport is over 6m/s after examining Met Eireann data from the location over the last few years.

Library Anemometer


Each of the anemometers continuously reports data back to a central base station on the physics building. They communicate over a zigbee network using high gain antenna's to extend their range. The base station then syncs with the lab database server every hour.